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Consistent branding across RTB communication materials, including the correct use of logos, colors, and templates, is important for maintaining the program’s strong brand identity and unifying our voice. In 2017, RTB underwent a rebranding process to refresh and update the program’s visual identity in Phase II. Most notably, this included a change in logo color from green to deep red, and the green logo has now been phased out. On this page, you will find the communication resources for the program, including logos and templates, and instructions on how to use these resources in the RTB Branding Guidelines. Information about how to correctly acknowledge RTB, donors, and CGIAR Trust Fund contributors can be found in the Publications and Acknowledgements Guidelines.


Branding Guidelines


Publications and Acknowledgements Guidelines


Publicaciones y agradecimientos





Powerpoint Template

Logo Download

Powerpoint Template

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Poster Template


On Request

The following RTB branded documents are available on request. The PMU will consider the eligibility for publication under full RTB branding, using a template, upon request. If the document does not meet the criteria, we will recommend that it be published under a centre publication including the RTB logo.
        • Workshop report
        • Working paper
        • Name tags for meetings and workshops
        • RTB Report cover for special publications
        • Flyers
        • Briefs