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Building an Economically Sustainable, Integrated Seed System for Cassava in Nigeria
Help Nigerian producers reach this potential through developing a commercially sustainable cassava seed value chain based on the purchase of quality seed by farmers provided by vibrant and profitable village seed entrepreneurs and basic seed production linked to cassava processors. Seed businesses will provide healthy seed of more productive cassava varieties leading to adoption of new varieties to improve productivity and food security, increase incomes of cassava growers and village seed entrepreneurs and enhance gender equity.
Enhancing Yam Breeding for Increased Productivity and Improved Quality in West Africa
More than 54 million tons of yam are produced in Sub-Saharan Africa annually on 4.6 M Ha. Over 95% of this production lies in a five-country “yam belt” that includes Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Côte d'Ivoire. Yam productivity is negatively impacted by declining soil fertility and diseases and pests associated with intensive cropping systems. Genetic improvement can contribute significantly to addressing these challenges and seizing opportunities for expanding the markets. The project will focus on breeding white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) and water yam (D. alata) species.
Reducing Crop Losses and Production Costs through Cultivation of Late-Blight Resistant-Varieties in Kenya and Uganda
Deploy bioengineered late blight resistant potatoes in African countries through partnerships with National Agricultural Research Services (NARS) and the private sector where biosafety regulations authorize the commercialization of bioengineered varieties.
Generating Advances in Income and Nutrition through Sweetpotato in India
Provide knowledge on sweetpotato for improving yields and nutrition among communities to meet the costs of cultivating the crop, farm mechanization helped to reduce the cost of cultivation.
Building Nutritious Food Baskets: Scaling up Biofortified Crops for Nutrition Security in Nigeria and Tanzania - Phase II
Accelerate and support scaling up of biofortified crops for food and nutrition security, and reduce hidden hunger by catalyzing sustainable investment for the utilization of biofortified crops at scale. BNFB purposes to demonstrate how scaling up can be achieved through a concerted effort by a range of CGIAR centers and programs along with community, national, regional, and international partners.