Project Manager: Pieter Pypers
Scaling AKILIMO A Digital Fertlizer Recommendation Service in Nigeria, Rwanda and Tanzania (Scaling AKILIMO)
Enable farmers to make informed decisions about land preparation, how and when to plant, harvesting times, fertilizer application and intercropping in cassava production to improve farmers’ profit for cassava and potato farmers.
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Resilient crops
Improved livelihoods at scale
Increased yield, resource use efficiency and farmer income and will be achieved by providing customized tools and training materials to the primary scaling partners, and through a digital platform that offers chatbot-delivered learning, fertilizer recommendations, yield prediction and financial literacy. In potato, expect environmental benefits by providing tailored fertilizer recommendations with higher agronomic efficiencies than current blanket recommendations, and reduced nutrition losses.
Scaling AKILIMO A Digital Fertlizer Recommendation Service in Nigeria, Rwanda and Tanzania

1. Direct access to tailored fertilizer advice for 50,000 cassava farmers in Nigeria, 50,000 cassava farmers in Tanzania, 10,000 cassava farmers in Rwanda, and 5,000 potato farmers in Rwanda through the Arifu chatbot and AKILIMO services.

2. An uptake rate of 30%: one out of three users of the service effectively applies the recommendations in their field, and realizes an income increase of at least 20%.

3. In Rwanda, at least 30% of potato farmers adapt their practice and apply AKILIMO approach.
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Project details Date of project: From 2020 - To 2021 Crops: Cassava & Potato Funds: USD 997,696
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