Maria Andrade


Maria Andrade has spent the last 22 years working in Mozambique. The first 10 years, she served as a regional cassava and sweetpotato agronomist for the SARRNET and lead a five-year IITA/CIP project on Accelerated Multiplication and Distribution of Planting Materials of Cassava and Sweetpotato. In 2006, she joined CIP to manage the SASHA Southern Africa Sweetpotato Platform. She has released 30 bio-fortified sweetpotato varieties of which 20 are drought tolerant. Maria serves as CIP’s country manager, SASHA breeder for Southern Africa & Asia, over and above her scientific leadership role. Maria served as the vice president for fund raising for the ISTRC global for five years. She was on the board of Directors of Alliance for Green Revolution, in Africa, on the Board of Micronutrient Forum and a Member of External Panel review of NextGen Cassava. She is also a member of the high-level group of champions for the Food Forever Initiative. Key recognitions include: in 2013 she was named a Nutrition Champion by Transform Nutrition, received an appreciation award from ISTRC-AB for her outstanding leadership and contribution on RTC in Africa, outstanding Alumnus award from NCSU, 2016 World Food Prize co-laureate, 2017 Swaminathan Award for Environmental Protection,  nominated as one of the 5th Wonder Women of Agriculture by USDA, March, 2018, and the 2018 Cape Verdean Woman of the Year in July 7th, 2018. Email: M.Andrade(at)