Launched in June 2012, the Strategic Assessment of research priorities for RTB crops is now entering a new phase. After 12 months of collecting information through online surveys, the RTB team dedicated to the Priority Assessment exercise has started analyzing the data.

The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers, and Bananas (RTB) is conducting a strategic assessment of research priorities for bananas, plantains, cassavas, potatoes, sweetpotatoes and yams in order to identify where and how to focus the program’s resources. The goal is to achieve the highest possible impacts on food security, nutrition and health, poverty reduction, gender equity and environmental sustainability. To do this, scientists and stakeholders from across the global RTB community have been involved in a dialogue to increase the relevance and enhance the impacts of RTB research. The dynamic, systematic and transparent approach that was designed includes periodic revision and updating of research priorities. The six steps of the approach, which are not necessarily consecutive, complement one another to define RTB priorities in a way that incorporates the most current data and information and engages a wide array of stakeholders from the global RTB community.

Online surveys were made available on line in several languages – Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian – to reach out to great numbers of experts and stakeholders.

These surveys are now closed and will be shared on this website soon.