Partnerships and prompt response, key to prevent the spread of banana Fusarium wilt (‘Panama disease’)

Sep 12, 2014 Veronique Durroux

In the first part of the 20th century, Fusarium Wilt Race 1 (popularly known as ‘Panama disease’) wiped out the popular Gros Michel banana variety. Currently the Tropical Race 4 (TR4) is threatening the Cavendish variety, the most important exported banana, which had proven to be resistant to Race 1. Prof. Altus Viljoen, from the […]

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CGIAR, RTB recognized by Computerworld for innovative use of big data analytics

Sep 9, 2014 Veronique Durroux

RTBMaps – an online mapping resource from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) – was selected as a ComputerWorld 2014 Editors’ Choice Winner. The award will be given today at a special event in Phoenix, Arizona. “The Data+ Editors’ Choice Awards honorees are not only innovative in their use of big […]

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Unravelling the banana’s genomic potential: ISHS/ProMusa held symposium in Brisbane, Australia

Aug 29, 2014 Veronique Durroux

The International Society for Horticultural sciences (ISHS)/ProMusa symposium entitled “Unravelling the banana’s genomic potential”, was held from 18-20 August 2014 as one of the symposia of the 29th International Horticultural Congress in Brisbane, Australia. Banana acts as a starchy staple food crop for approximately 500 million people, particularly those in the least developed countries, where […]

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Lima meetings gather RTB members with new Program Advisory Committee

Aug 18, 2014 Veronique Durroux

RTB’s new Program Advisory Committee (PAC) met in person for the first time last week in Lima, Peru, where the members were introduced to some key RTB staff. The meeting took place at the headquarters of the International Potato Center (CIP), the lead center for the CGIAR Research Program. The Program Management Unit (PMU) presented […]

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RTB GIS initiative promotes open data

Jul 21, 2014 Veronique Durroux

By Glenn Hyman – International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) Far too often our research and development activities remain hidden in difficult-to-find places, limiting its potential to achieve impact. A group of seven professionals applying spatial analysis and geographic information systems (GIS) to roots, tubers and bananas (RTB) research is working to change that. They met […]

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RTB in the Media

CGIAR: A maps application, developed with scientific crowdsourcing, identifies priority areas for crops.

Sep 9, 2014 Veronique Durroux

Many people in the developing world struggle with hunger, food insecurity, poverty and threats to their livelihoods. In response, the Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research, an organization that coordinates agricultural research internationally, set up the Roots, Tubers and Bananas for Food Security and Income program, which identifies endangered areas and highlights opportunities for improving […]

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Manioc : un réseau de surveillance des maladies en Afrique

Sep 3, 2014 Veronique Durroux

Vingt-huit organisations internationales viennent de s’associer pour mieux lutter contre les maladies du manioc en Afrique. Le réseau PACSUN (Pan-African Cassava Surveillance Network) ainsi formé ambitionne de prévenir une éventuelle catastrophe alimentaire puisque, sur le continent, le manioc est de plus en plus central dans la subsistance des populations. Publisher: Publishing date: 2014-08-14 Read […]

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Nigeria, Others to Save $4.63bn Annually by Adopting Cassava Feed

Feb 26, 2014 Veronique Durroux

The use of cassava-based feeds for farm animals in Nigeria and other countries in Africa will bring several benefits, including a reduction of maize imports mostly used as feeds for livestock, according to the Country Representative for the Ibadan based International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Dr Iheanacho Okike. Publisher: Publishing date: 2014-02-25 Read article

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