CIAT and partners fight cassava diseases in Southeast Asia with new project

Dec 2, 2019 rtbcomms

In Southeast Asia (SEA) cassava is both a food crop and an industrial crop. This gives the plant, which is used for its roots, the distinction of being both a key to food security and a source of income to the two million smallholder farmers who produce it across the region. At the beginning of […]

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Network analysis reveals where to act effectively in seed systems

Nov 26, 2019 rtbcomms

An innovative approach to seed systems, spearheaded by scientists working with the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB), offers new ways to enhance the adoption of novel technologies and limit the spread of pests and diseases. By focusing on the network that links farmers, traders and others, it identifies the best places […]

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Spotlight on Village Seed Entrepreneurs making money from cassava stems in Nigeria

Nov 21, 2019 rtbcomms

In March of 2019, we visited Village Seed Entrepreneurs (VSEs) in Benue State, Nigeria, that were established as a part of the Building a Sustainable, Integrated Seed System for Cassava (BASICS) project. BASICS is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is being led by the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and […]

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From Knowledge to Income – Martha Lawrance is recognised as a leading sweetpotato vine multiplier

Nov 11, 2019 rtbcomms

Martha Lawrance is a 49-year-old woman from the Chogsia, Wa West District of the Upper West Region in Ghana. She and her husband have four children with the youngest being under five years of age. Three years ago, Martha was introduced to orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) through women groups programs that worked with a local NGO, […]

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Guardians of the Native Potato: 5th Annual Assembly of AGUAPAN

Nov 5, 2019 rtbcomms

Indigenous farmers from the central Peruvian Andes gathered in Paucará, Huancavelica for the 5th Annual Assembly of AGUAPAN (Association of Guardians of the Native Potato). AGUAPAN is a farmer-led association with members from five regions: Huánuco, Huancavelica, Junín, Pasco, and Lima. “Since the start of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas, the […]

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RTB in the Media

Grant will support expanded use of artificial intelligence for crop health

Nov 26, 2019 rtbcomms

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A research team developing artificial-intelligence-based solutions for diagnosing and managing threats to crop health has received a grant to expand the technology to assist more smallholder farmers around the world. CGIAR, an international agricultural research consortium, awarded the project a $250,000 scale-up grant under its Inspire Challenge program, part of the […]

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In the war on emerging crop diseases, scientists develop new ‘War Room’ simulations

Nov 22, 2019 rtbcomms

Farmers rely on seed systems for access to high-quality, disease-free planting material at the start of the season. Good seed systems ensure access to seed for a variety of crops that are affordable and fully available at the start of the season. Unfortunately, this is not a reality for many smallholder farmers in developing countries, […]

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Lowly camote to save the day – for food security and climate-change resiliency

Nov 4, 2019 rtbcomms

Camote (sweet potato) chips, anyone?  How about camote cue, or the simple boiled camote?  Did you know there is more to the lowly sweet potato than your favorite merienda (snack) food? Among other high-value crops, camote, and other root and tuber crops are now being considered for development by the Department of Agriculture (DA) to prop up […]

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