Researchers look deep under the banana’s skin

Sep 5, 2019 rtbcomms

The very thing that makes bananas so easy to eat – they don’t have seeds – also makes them hard to breed. Beneath that simple observation, however, lies a very complicated evolutionary history, one that three recent papers by researchers with the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas help to uncover and, as […]

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World Food Prize Selects Gender-Focused Plant Breeder as the Recipient of the 2019 Norman Borlaug Award For Field Research and Application

Aug 15, 2019 rtbcomms

On behalf of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas and the Gender and Breeding Initiative, we would like to congratulate Hale Ann Tufan for being the 2019 recipient of the Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application.  Collaboration with Hale first began with the NextGen Cassava project and evolved to work […]

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Guiding farmers to safer use of pesticides in Rwanda and Burundi

Aug 8, 2019 rtbcomms

It’s hard to overstate the importance of root, tuber, and banana (RTB crops) for smallholder farmers in the Great Lakes region of Central Africa. Thousands of farming households here depend on orange-fleshed sweetpotato, yellow cassava, east African cooking banana and table potato for their daily meals. These families also rely on the cash generated from […]

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On farm: exploring the genetic diversity of RTB hotspots

Jul 24, 2019 rtbcomms

This June, scientists from all over the world convened in the south of France for a unique conference. Held every ten years or so since 1997, the Harlan Symposium showcases research on the origins of agriculture, crop domestication & evolution, and the diversity and utilization of genetic resources. Named after Jack Harlan, professor of plant […]

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Climate change and rising population put pressure on essential crops in low-income regions

Jul 22, 2019 rtbcomms

Crops such as bananas, potatoes, and cassava are essential to food security in the world’s poorest regions. By 2050, their importance will increase, but climate change and population growth will put unprecedented pressure on production Climate change and population growth are increasing concerns for global food security. Modeling future agricultural trends that account for these […]

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RTB in the Media

Africa and Asia will propel the world’s population towards 10 billion – but are their food systems ready?

Aug 7, 2019 rtbcomms

Improving access to other key inputs like water and fertilizer, as well as wider technical services such as agricultural machinery, would help to boost resources, but change needs to happen fast Talk of the global population reaching 10 billion by 2050 has been around for some time. Yet, this statistic actually hides the real source of this […]

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FoodSTART+ featured in the latest iMPACT magazine issue

Apr 22, 2019 rtbcomms

FoodSTART+ Principal Investigator, Diego Naziri, and CIAT Market Access Specialist, Brice Even shared how the partnership between grant projects and investment projects can facilitate taking innovations to scale. From the experience of FoodSTART+, the success of the project highly depends on the outcome of the partnership with investment projects — who are the primary drivers […]

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University of Florida Researchers Develop Model to Help Keep Crop Seeds Healthy

Apr 11, 2019 rtbcomms

Working with international researchers, University of Florida scientists have developed a model that will help protect good seeds, which are necessary to plant healthy crops and determine what areas are at higher risk for unhealthy seeds. In many parts of the world, people lack adequate access to nutritious food because there aren’t enough quality seeds […]

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