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Activities Processor Led Model

Led by Context Global Development (CGD), the Processor Led Model (PLM) aims to establish an innovative and viable commercial stem dissemination model in Nigeria that is anchored by industrial cassava processors. Cassava processors often face problems in sourcing adequate quantity and appropriate quality roots for processing. This results in inadequate processing capacity and lower profit margins.

In partnership with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), CGD helps processors to identify the most appropriate improved variety for their processing. Under PLM, the processors establish a system for multiplying the stems of the selected variety and supply these for planting by their outgrowers with a root buy-back arrangement. The contracted farmers benefit from the increased cassava productivity due to improved variety and quality planting material. Processors likewise see enhanced net profits due to most appropriate raw material sourcing at their factory gate. The model is a win-win proposition for all parties.

BASICS aims to work with two processors during the project period to demonstrate the model. PLM aims to assist the selected processors by providing a combination of science and business support. The science support comes through close partnership with IITA for improved varieties and rapid stem multiplication technology (SAH). CGD also brings expertise in business strategy and analytics to demonstrate a viable business case for processors to follow a backward linkage strategy. In partnership with SAHEL, CGD will develop robust seed multiplication protocols for processors, outgrower training modules and document business cases for other processors to follow the lead so a sustainable seed system gets established through PLM, thus benefiting the entire cassava value chain through increased productivity.

If you are a cassava processor facing any of the following challenges, PLM could be the answer.

  • Is your full factory production capacity not being utilized due to lack of adequate raw material availability?
  • Is the quality of roots you receive reducing your potential net profits due to low starch or dry matter content, higher peeling costs or other root handling costs or wastages?
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