Opportunities and constraints for women: Recommendations for building gender responsive potato value chains in Assam, India.

Four key findings are highlighted in this report. First, women are not directly connected with formal institutions, which deliver agricultural technology and information, such as farmers’ associations, local government authorities and agricultural input suppliers. Second, there are significant knowledge gaps between women and men. However, women are not passive, rather they are very active, interested in trying new practices and new crops. Third, women are capable for agribusiness, but they have gender‐based preferences, interests and constraints. Fourth, women diverse social groups in Assam and gender norms differ significantly among the different religious, age and socio‐economic groups. Based on these findings, this report concludes proposing recommendations for gender‐responsible interventions. Detailed long‐term and short‐term objectives and action plans for women should be discussed and developed with various leaders of the project modules and their teams.