In December 2012, an RTB team looked at impact pathways that integrate gender, capacity building and knowledge sharing strategies.

A multi-disciplinary group of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers, and Bananas (RTB), met in December of 2012 to discuss and plan the inclusion of gender, capacity building and knowledge sharing into RTB’s Impact Pathways. Throughout the five-day workshop participants, which included key CGIAR Consortium members such as Anne-Marie Izac, Chief Science Officer and Piers Bocock, Director of Knowledge Management and Communications, participated in discussions relating to gender, capacity building, and knowledge sharing as they relate to the four RTB centers (CIP, CIAT, Bioversity and IITA) as well as the Consortium.

Furthermore, the group discussed ways to firmly embed these necessary facets into the CRP’s framework when researching the potential of roots, tubers and bananas for food security and nutrition around the globe. Read more