Changing perspectives, changing lives: The Farmer Business School experience

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The Farmer Business School (FBS) has gone a long way in the Philippines since introduced by the International Potato Center in 2012. Hopes were kindled through the opportunities offered by the FBS. The comprehensive training allowed farmers to become entrepreneurs, develop new products and enter the market. At the end of the FBS process, a business launch is held as … Read More

Sweetpotato Jams and Juices Contribute to Forest Conservation in the Philippines

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Once considered a survival food during times of drought or severe rains, sweetpotato cultivation is quickly turning into a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurial farmers while promoting forest conservation in the process. In a swath of the Philippines where the forests offer a buffer against the damage posed by severe storms, a staggering poverty rate of 46.9 percent threatens to … Read More

FishCORAL and FoodSTART+ conducts the Stakeholders’ Validation Workshop in Region 8

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Dream big, start small. Everything has to start somewhere. At some point, all big and successful entrepreneurial ventures began from whispers of innovative thoughts turned into sparks of creativity and eventually transformed into burning flames of passion powerful enough to make these dreams come to reality. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region 8 through the Fisheries Coastal Resource … Read More

FishCORAL Conducts ABS Stakeholders Validation Meeting in Region 8 and ARMM

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In a bid to help boost the economic conditions of the participating People’s Organizations (POs) in the covered regions, the Fisheries, Coastal Resources, and Livelihood (FishCORAL) Project embarks on another level of strengthening the capacity building approach and livelihood assistance by introducing a gender-responsive enterprising known as the Aqua-base Business School with Gender and Climate Change perspective (ABS-GCC). The ABS … Read More

The Search for the Significant Story: A training workshop on the Most Significant Change Approach

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As natural narrators, stories captivate people’s interest. These days, stories are used to present different facets of outcomes of a development project, especially to understand the significant changes that occurred after an intervention. Thus, FoodSTART+ organized a training workshop on the Most Significant Change (MSC) approach for nine (9) members of its team and partners from the Fisheries, Coastal Resources … Read More

FoodSTART+ holds 3rd Partners’ Meeting in Shillong

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Delegates from various states and countries visited the beautiful hills of Shillong, Meghalaya in India as the 3rd Partners’ Meeting of the Food Resilience Through Root and Tuber Crops in Upland and Coastal Communities of the Asia-Pacific (FoodSTART+) project was held from 4 to 7 September 2018, hosted by the Meghalaya Basin Development Authority (MBDA). On the first day, the … Read More

The potential role of Farmer Business Schools in the Jhum cultivation system, the West Garo Hills, Meghalaya, India

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Garo people from West Garo Hills grow a variety of roots, tubers, and bananas as well as other vegetables and fruits for home consumption in their Jhum farms. By intercropping, each family grows as many as 40 types of such crops, creating dietary diversity, and sustaining food security. The Jhum cultivation system, known as slash and burn, or shifting, cultivation, … Read More