Non project site specific activities

Participation and support to IFAD Country Offices activities

  • Participation in two IOE Country Strategy and Programme Evaluations, as an input to the Country Strategic Opportunities Programme – COSOP (Philippines)
  • Participation in the Stakeholder Consultation for COSOP 2018-2022 (Philippines)
  • Participation in five IFAD Country Office Annual Country Program Review – ACPOR meetings (4 in Philippines and 1 in Vietnam)
  • Participation in CHARMP2 Scale Up and Implementation Support Mission
  • Participation in the four IFAD-Philippines Gender Network (IPGN) Annual Assemblies (Philippines)
  • Participation in four IFAD Knowledge Learning Market and Policy Engagement (KLM-PE) events (Philippines)
  • Input into the review of IFAD Grant Portfolio (India)
  • Participation in final design mission of PICSA investment (Lao PDR)
  • Participation in IFAD Country Office supervision mission to CSSP (Vietnam)
  • Participation in IFAD Mekong Hub Knowledge and Learning Fair (regional)
  • Participation in IFAD Asia Pacific Region annual workshop (regional)

Cross-cutting activities

  • GIS work for generation of RTCs suitability maps under climate change scenarios
  • Manual: Farmer Business Schools in a Changing World: A gender-responsive and climate-smart manual for strengthening farmer entrepreneurship
  • Book: Evaluation of the Farmer Business Schools (FBS) implemented by CHARMP2 in the Philippines through the Most Significant Change (MSC) methodology
  • Book: Evaluation of the Farmer Business Schools (FBS) implemented by LAMP, FishCORAL and INREMP through the MSC methodology
  • Book chapter “Gender, Climate Change, and Root and Tuber Crops: A Case Study in Eastern Visayas, Philippines”
  • Presentation of FBS approach as key innovation to support IFAD investment at Market Place held at the IFAD International Conference on S-S and Triangular Cooperation
  • Development of Partnership health check-ups tools and application in three rounds
  • Study on gender dimensions of farming practices in RTCS and proposed gender and social considerations for intervention
  • Gender strategies for strengthening food resilience
  • Checklist for ensuring gender equity in introducing new RTC technologies
  • Brief guide on gender-responsive participatory video technique
  • Participation of project staff in gender trainings organized by CARE, CIP and ACIAR
  • Literature review on concepts of food vulnerability and resilience
  • Literature review on the role of RTCs for enhanced resilience in Asian agri-food systems (with ground-truth validation in LAMP and FishCORAL sites)
  • Research paper “Research-development partnerships for scaling agricultural innovation: Lessons from IFAD-supported loan-grant collaboration in Asia”
  • Training manual on sweetpotato climate-smart farming practices in South-East Asia
  • Annual FoodSTART+ team and partners meetings
  • Regional congress on Root and Tuber Crops for Food Security and Climate Change Resilience in Asia