FoodSTART work post-Haiyan featured in CIP website for International Day of Disaster Reduction

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For the International Day of Disaster Resilience celebrated on October 13, 2016, the projects FoodSTART and FoodSTART+ were both featured for their past and present work with communities prone to disasters, in particular with post-Haiyan Leyte.
RTCs have become survival crops in times of food crises: during post-disaster periods (usually post-typhoon), lean months during monsoon season, and harvest failure caused by drought or pest infestation. Farmers and fisherfolk grow them as they are easy to manage and require the least inputs. They have exhibited less vulnerability to extreme weather conditions because they grow underground. RTCs have traditionally contributed to household and community food resilience.
CIP, through the FoodSTART+ project, is now actively working in these Haiyan-hit areas in the Philippines to promote RTCs for food resilience.
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