RTB People

RTB People

Independent Steering Committee

Helen Hambly Odame, Chair
Barbara Wells (Director General, CIP)
Ann Tutwiler (Director General, Bioversity)
Rupert Best
Alfredo Augusto Cunha Alves
Yvonne Pinto
Dustan Spencer
Eugene Terry
Graham Thiele

Management Committee

Robert Asiedu
Research for Development Director, IITA

Robert Domaingue
Deputy Head, Genetic Improvement and Adaptation of Mediterranean and Tropical Plants, CIRAD

Oscar Ortiz
Deputy Director General for Research, CIP

Graham Thiele, Chair
Program Director, RTB

Joe Tohme
Agrobiodiversity Research Area Director, CIAT

Stephan Weise
Deputy Director General for Research, Bioversity

Theme Leaders

Nicolas Roux, Bioversity
Theme 1: Genetic Resources

Augusto Becerra, CIAT
Theme 2: Development of Varieties

James Legg, IITA
Theme 3: Managing Pests and Diseases

Jorge Andrade Piedra, CIP
Theme 4: High-Quality Planting Material

Stefan Hauser, IITA
Theme 5: Ecologically-Robust Cropping Systems

Dominique Dufour, CIAT
Theme 6: Postharvest and Markets

Center Focal points

Robert Domaingue, CIRAD
Clair Hershey, CIAT
James Legg, IITA
Philippe Monneveux, CIP
Inge van den Bergh, Bioversity

Program Management Unit

Graham Thiele, Program Director
Dagmar Wittine, Program Manager
Michael Friedmann, Science Officer
Selim Guvener, Compliance and Intellectual Assets Manager
Holly Holmes, Communications Specialist
Bhawana Upadhyay, Gender Research Coordinator
Javier Madalengoitia, Grants and Contracts Specialist
Milagros Patiño, Budget and Planning Supervisor
Claudio Proietti, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Antonio Sánchez, Budget Analyst
Zandra Vásquez, Executive Administrative Assistant
Netsayi Noris Mudege, Gender Research Coordinator (until February 2015)
Veronique Durroux, Communications Specialist (until April 2015)