Background Information

Seed degeneration of roots, tubers and bananas

Background literature reviews focused on degeneration in RTB crops are being developed for the project (below). In addition we will have presentations at the meeting to summarize the information in the reviews as an orientation to project planning. Presenters are asked to please follow the recommendations below.

Recommendations for presentations:

Each background paper talk lasts 20 min. Please limit your talk to between 15 and 18 min. This will leave time for clarification of points that were not clear. There is time at the end of the session to discuss the background talks.

We would like to make a brief summary of the talk (1/2 to 1 page) available to participants before the workshop so please send it to Julia Zamudio ( by the 28th of January.

Below is a proposed general structure for the presentations:

  • Describe the existing propagation system – where do farmers currently get new planting material, what is the nature of that material (e.g., cutting), what is the role of formal “clean-seed” systems vs. on-farm production of planting material
  • Describe technologies to propagate planting material, both on-farm and by specialized seed producers
  • Discuss the main causes of planting material degeneration; to the extent possible, quantify yield and quality reduction
  • Technologies to detect and eliminate or reduce incidence of causal agents of degeneration on-farm and by specialized producers; i.e., positive selection on farm or thermo-therapy

Literature reviews