Workshop objectives

  • Construct and impact pathway for the project and adjust the vision, scope and objectives to ensure a stronger outcome focus
  • Develop work plans for 2013 and 2014 CRP funding including detailed project activities, methodologies and responsibilities, identification of partners, project monitoring and evaluation.
  • Improve and expand the current project with an improved outcome focus through the use of existing complementary funding and a strategy for acquiring additional funding (e.g, GTZ call to be discussed)
  • Create a better community of practice via a face-to-face meeting – add faces to names and agree on methodology and IT platform for future communication and exchange of information, data storage and visualization.
  • Ensure agreement on sampling methodology, sample storage and processing methodology for deep sequencing (which crops, where, when, by whom).
  • Ensure a common understanding of modeling approach and research needs (what data are needed for parameterization/validation).
  • Prepare publications plan with possible topics, responsibilities, target audience and timeline

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