From Knowledge to Income – Martha Lawrance is recognised as a leading sweetpotato vine multiplier

Nov 11, 2019
Martha Lawrance is a 49-year-old woman from the Chogsia, Wa West District of the Upper West Region in Ghana. She

Guardians of the Native Potato: 5th Annual Assembly of AGUAPAN

Nov 5, 2019
Indigenous farmers from the central Peruvian Andes gathered in Paucará, Huancavelica for the 5th Annual Assembly of AGUAPAN (Association of

Making an Impact: 2018 Annual Report

Oct 29, 2019
We excited to share our 2018 Annual Report entitled ‘Making an Impact’. We invite you to explore the report website,

Study sheds new light on roles of women and men on RTB farms

Oct 14, 2019
Results from a household survey of farmers in Rwanda and Burundi challenge our stereotypes about how women and men engage

Scientists show which genetic loci is associated with bunch weight in highland banana

Oct 1, 2019
Scientists have, for the first time, located the position of major quantitative trait loci associated with bunch weight and its

Scaling up the use of Orange Fleshed Puree for Baked and Fried Products

Sep 27, 2019
In late May the International Potato Centre (CIP) organized a stakeholder engagement and launch meeting in Nairobi, Kenya bringing together

More equitable crop improvement

Sep 19, 2019
Ensuring plant breeders can take women into account M9 is the code name of a new banana variety developed for

Researchers look deep under the banana’s skin

Sep 5, 2019
The very thing that makes bananas so easy to eat – they don’t have seeds – also makes them hard

World Food Prize Selects Gender-Focused Plant Breeder as the Recipient of the 2019 Norman Borlaug Award For Field Research and Application

Aug 15, 2019
On behalf of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas and the Gender and Breeding Initiative, we would

Guiding farmers to safer use of pesticides in Rwanda and Burundi

Aug 8, 2019
It’s hard to overstate the importance of root, tuber, and banana (RTB crops) for smallholder farmers in the Great Lakes

On farm: exploring the genetic diversity of RTB hotspots

Jul 24, 2019
This June, scientists from all over the world convened in the south of France for a unique conference. Held every

Climate change and rising population put pressure on essential crops in low-income regions

Jul 22, 2019
Crops such as bananas, potatoes, and cassava are essential to food security in the world’s poorest regions. By 2050, their

How RTB researchers try to develop the potential of RTB seed systems

Jul 18, 2019
Roots, tubers and bananas share one characteristic that unites them in the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tuber and Bananas

Understanding farmer concerns to improve pest and disease management

Jul 11, 2019
  Insect pests and diseases are high on the list of concerns for farmers of root, tuber, and banana (RTB)

Understanding farmers’ willingness to pay for root, tuber and banana crop planting material

Jul 2, 2019
Experimental auctions reveal the true willingness of farmers to pay (WTP) for various farming inputs. This is one of the

Agrobiodiversity essential to sustainable food systems for the future

Jun 25, 2019
A new book from MIT Press proposes and develops an expanded concept of agrobiodiversity, which, it points out, will be

Today’s diets are eating away at our future food supplies, but we can change this

Jun 24, 2019
“Monitoring the status of genetic diversity of agrobiodiversity (of which RTB crops are part of) in genebanks, on farms, and

Major investment in Food and Nutrition Security research at NRI

Jun 14, 2019
On behalf of CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas we would like to congratulate the Natural Resource Institute

Boosting the bottom line through tech for High Quality Cassava Peel production

Jun 7, 2019
By 2100, the African continent is projected to see some of the highest GDP growth in the world, a trend

Breeding Better Bananas project team meets to take stock, track progress and plan

May 27, 2019
An international team of researchers that is revolutionizing banana breeding in Eastern Africa are this week (27‒29 May 2019) gathering

FoodSTART+ Shares Journey on Gender: Rethinking and Working for Better Balance

May 23, 2019
The International Potato Center’s (CIP) FoodSTART+ project has come a long way in ensuring gender equity of the project activities

Innovating for change: Interview with Maria Andrade a sweetpotato champion

May 15, 2019
An accomplished sweetpotato breeder and tireless advocate for improving the nutrition and wellbeing of rural children and families, Maria Andrade

Ethiopian farmers help researchers select potato varieties that the market demands

May 14, 2019
Potato is important to food security and a cash crop in Ethiopia with high potential to improve the livelihoods of

Balangiga Farmer – Fisherfolk women learn how to make food products from dried cassava grates

May 8, 2019
Who knew so many different products could be made from cassava? Now thanks to the Aqua-based Business School (ABS), some

An Integrated, Economically-Sustainable Cassava Seed System is Emerging in Nigeria

May 2, 2019
The project “Building an Economically Sustainable Integrated Seed System for Cassava (BASICS)” came together with its stakeholders to review progress

Ask the innovators: Which agricultural practices work best locally?

Apr 26, 2019
A new study by Bioversity International explores the power of ‘positive deviance’ in Tanzania. By working with highly successful farmers,

Scientists discuss ways to improve RTB planting materials

Apr 24, 2019
The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) Cross-cutting Cluster 2.1 had its annual meeting on 14 to

Lessons from 21 years of breeding Eastern Africa‘s popular cooking bananas

Apr 16, 2019
The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)  and Uganda’s National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) started a breeding program for the East Africa Highland Bananas (EAHB)

Safeguarding the future of banana against changing climates, pests and diseases

Apr 11, 2019
KU Leuven and Bioversity International today sign a landmark agreement to safeguard the future of the world’s favourite fruit.  Professor Rony

Malawian entrepreneur creates nutritious products and a new market for farmers

Apr 4, 2019
After six years of helping others add value to their businesses, Malawian food technologist Jean Pankuku was so convinced of

Scaling Triple S through collaborating with Damongo Agricultural College, Ghana

Mar 28, 2019
In July 2018 Issahaq Suleman, CIP’s Triple S scaling champion in Ghana, paid a visit to Damongo Agricultural College in
MRC Training in December 2018, Photo credit: Camille Joy Enalbes

Capturing stories of women through the Most Significant Change Approach

Mar 26, 2019
Story-telling is a powerful communication tool as it is useful to captivate people’s interest. The Food Resilience through Root and

Small investment, Big results!

Mar 13, 2019
How village savings and loans groups, orange fleshed sweetpotato and the Triple-S innovation are empowering women in Northern Ghana. ‘For

Who sits at the table? Policy, people, and potatoes in Kenya

Mar 13, 2019
Although it might seem surprising, many Kenyan farmers, entrepreneurs, and investors are intensely interested in the preparation of new regulations

Global study guides agriculture towards gender equality

Mar 8, 2019
Now more than ever, the agricultural research for development sector recognizes that women’s needs, preferences and realities need to be

Seed Tracker: How one app can enhance seed systems for many crops

Mar 6, 2019
Thanks to its tolerance of poor soil, harsh conditions, pests and diseases, cassava is a stable, low-cost staple for millions

How can you integrate gender and nutrition in your research?

Mar 5, 2019
The Consortium for Improving Agriculture-based Livelihoods in Central Africa (CIALCA), a CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) project, organized

Setting the stage for cassava disease monitoring: a baseline for Vietnam and Cambodia

Feb 27, 2019
Researchers tracked Sri Lankan cassava mosaic virus in Cambodia after its discovery in 2015. The potentially devastating virus threatens 3.5

Triple S method secures sweetpotato planting material for farmers

Feb 15, 2019
“Next season I will fill my farm, and my father’s farm, with sweetpotato,” says Bezabih Hamamo, who is using Triple

The new generation of women scientists working for global food security

Feb 10, 2019
Despite progress in recent years, there still remains a concerning gender gap in science, with the UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Sweetpotato farmers support the scaling of Triple S technology in Ethiopia

Jan 20, 2019
“Seven to 10 years ago, sweetpotato was known as ‘the father of children’ because it was available throughout the year.

The transformative power of culinary innovation: Changing perspectives on traditional staples

Jan 16, 2019
Roots, tubers and bananas are often seen as “traditional” foods. Yet their colors and flavors vary, and they can be

Refining the use of innovation platforms to support scaling

Dec 28, 2018
Guidelines are helping the agricultural research for development sector to rethink how and when to use ‘innovation platforms’ to most

Decision-support tools remove the guesswork from agronomic innovation

Dec 26, 2018
Decision-support tools being piloted in Nigeria and Tanzania can help cassava growers decide if agronomic recommendations will be profitable under

Toolbox to understand and enhance root, tuber and banana seed systems

Dec 20, 2018
A suite of tools for understanding root, tuber and banana seed systems are helping document and guide the implementation of

Making storable orange-fleshed sweetpotato purée a commercial reality

Dec 18, 2018
Orange-fleshed sweetpotato purée is a profitable and nutritious commercial product to meet urban consumers’ needs in Kenya. Vitamin A deficiency

Sharing best practices for banana germplasm conservation and exchange

Dec 14, 2018
Banana (Musa) diversity is conserved in more than 60 ex situ collections worldwide located mostly in banana producing countries. To ensure the

Is technology the silver bullet for addressing climate change impacts on agriculture?

Dec 13, 2018
Deep changes in agricultural systems are required for adaptation to climate change impacts such as higher temperatures, more extreme climate

The right tools for the job: enabling breeding programs to be gender-responsive

Dec 12, 2018
Over the past few decades, gender initiatives across CGIAR have created broad awareness among scientists about the need to consider

Understanding cassava seed networks to curb disease spread in Southeast Asia

Dec 10, 2018
If you have a garden, you probably buy seeds from the store, or maybe even swap some varieties with your

Next generation technologies: Tackling climate change in agriculture

Dec 4, 2018
Recent reports that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached record high levels and that the world is currently on

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning platform wins silver award in Berlin

Dec 3, 2018
The Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning online platform (MEL), used by eight CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) and Centers, has won the

Disease-resistant potato and banana give hope to farmers

Nov 29, 2018
Late blight remains one of the most devastating diseases for potato worldwide, costing farmers an estimated USD3 – 10 billion

RTB Annual Meeting 2018: “Staying the best”

Nov 26, 2018
The annual meeting for the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) took place from October 25-28 in

Breeding improved cassava varieties that women and men want

Nov 20, 2018
Understanding gender differences in trait preferences for cassava can accelerate adoption as this knowledge is incorporated into breeding programs. Cassava

Pest distribution and risk atlas for Africa includes potato and sweetpotato pests

Nov 13, 2018
Insect pests cause major yield losses in agricultural crops. Climate change is expected to exacerbate this impact, with warming temperatures

New case studies are powerful examples of gender-responsive plant and animal breeding

Nov 10, 2018
Adoption and impact of new crop varieties and animal breeds depend on the tangible benefits these provide for the women

Vitamin A-rich bananas offer new hope to address micronutrient deficiency

Nov 6, 2018
Researchers in East Africa are introducing banana varieties from across the world to address severe vitamin A deficiency. Taste tests

Assessing progress towards sustainable intensification

Nov 1, 2018
Sustainability might well be the biggest buzz word of our era. The term is fancied, used, misused, framed and distorted

DNA fingerprinting shows high adoption of improved cassava varieties in Nigeria

Oct 29, 2018
DNA fingerprinting has improved the accuracy of adoption studies and revealed that 66% of surveyed cassava farmers in Nigeria are

Genetic markers identify the sex of yams and accelerate breeding

Oct 23, 2018
Researchers have identified the genetic markers that distinguish the sex of yam plants, saving time and resources for future breeding

An agri-food revolution for tropical root and tuber crops

Oct 22, 2018
“When, where and how will tropical root and tuber crops lead to the next agri-food revolution?” More than 200 participants

Applying the science of scaling

Oct 17, 2018
A new RTB initiative is applying the science of scaling to accelerate promising agricultural technologies, showing researchers how to reach

Gender mainstreaming in value chain development triggers women’s empowerment in Uganda

Oct 15, 2018
A gender focus introduced in value chain development in Uganda has allowed women and men to start new seed businesses,

From science to scaling: 2017 Annual Report

Oct 10, 2018
We are pleased to share the 2017 Annual Report from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas, entitled

Scientists’ breakthrough brings hope for banana resistance breeding to deadly bacterial wilt disease

Oct 8, 2018
A team, led by scientists from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), have announced a breakthrough in the search

Southeast Asia responds to industry-threatening cassava mosaic disease

Sep 17, 2018
Government representatives, development partners and cassava researchers from Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam gather this week to devise a regional

Potato minituber boom in sub-Saharan Africa: tenfold increase in ten years

Sep 13, 2018
In less than a decade, potato minituber production increased ten-fold in seven countries across sub-Saharan Africa according to a recent

Getting Kenya’s seed potato production right

Sep 6, 2018
Isaiah Kemei is one of the most progressive seed potato multipliers in Kenya’s Uasin Gishu County. Before becoming a seed

Farmer-to-farmer in the internet age: smartphone extension videos reach thousands in Southeast Asia

Jul 19, 2018
As reported by Google, Southeast Asia has the fastest growing internet user base of any region on earth. With a

African farmers get new help against cassava diseases: Nuru, their artificially intelligent assistant

Jun 27, 2018
The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and Pennsylvania State University, USA, have collaborated to develop and launch Nuru, an Artificially

A “wicked” challenge – understanding root, tuber and banana seed systems and coordination breakdown: A multi-stakeholder framework

Jun 20, 2018
By Jorge Andrade-Piedra and Margaret McEwan of the International Potato Center (CIP), co-leaders of the RTB cross-cutting cluster on access

Triple S method helps sweetpotato farmers plant and harvest earlier

Jun 19, 2018
Orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) is an impressive crop, able to grow on marginal lands and produce nutritious roots within three months

Global cassava conference highlights major progress in crop research and development

Jun 18, 2018
The IV International Cassava Conference brought together over 300 cassava scientists, farmers, private sector, government and donor representatives in Cotonou,

Recognition Award presented to Dr Claude Fauquet at International Cassava Conference

Jun 14, 2018
The Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century (GCP21) convened its fourth scientific conference this week in Cotonou, Benin. Spread

Researchers take stock of promising technologies to tackle emerging pests and diseases of RTB crops

Jun 8, 2018
Pests and diseases pose one of the most significant challenges for root, tuber and banana crops and can be particularly

New research provides recommendations for more effective disease management in potato and banana

Jun 7, 2018
The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) supports a number of young scientists to conduct innovative PhD

A second climate smart agricultural revolution in the Andes

Jun 4, 2018
Climate change is impacting the lives of potato farmers in the Andean region, intensifying damage from pests and diseases, increasing

Global meeting brings together world’s foremost potato experts

May 31, 2018
More than 800 potato scientists, industry representatives, government officials and other interested parties from 50 countries have gathered in the

Does the scaling of sweetpotato technologies reduce or reinforce gender inequalities?

May 29, 2018
A recent paper published by scientists from the International Potato Center examines how processes of scaling up technologies to promote

Award announced for best scientific paper on sweetpotato

May 22, 2018
For a second year, the Sweetpotato for Profit and Health Initiative (SPHI) has announced an award to recognize the best

Excellence and Innovation in Sweetpotato: Communication for Change Award

May 18, 2018
The Sweetpotato for Profit and Health Initiative has announced that the ‘Excellence and Innovation in Sweetpotato: Communication for Change Award’ will

Scientists meet to tackle challenges facing root, tuber and banana seed systems

May 16, 2018
Have you ever wondered what the potatoes, cassava, bananas and sweetpotatoes you eat are grown from? While they are still

15 Peruvian university students to attend World Potato Congress with RTB and CIP scholarship

May 11, 2018
The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB), together with the International Potato Center (CIP), is delighted to

Planning workshop prepares researchers to scale out agricultural innovations

May 10, 2018
Representatives of three teams whose proposals were successfully awarded funds from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas

Clean seed systems for roots, tubers and bananas: What can Tanzania learn from the US?

May 8, 2018
Kwame Ogero of the International Potato Center takes an in-depth look at the National Clean Plant Network for Sweetpotato in

GCP21: Africa must double cassava production by 2050 to avert food crisis

Apr 19, 2018
 The Fourth International Cassava Conference in Cotonou, Republic of Benin, from 11-15 June 2018 will bring together 300 researchers, policymakers and more.  Africa

Taking a farmer-centric approach to Integrated Pest Management

Apr 12, 2018
Joshua Okonya is a Uganda-based research associate specializing in crop protection. He shares how he is putting farmers at the

The business case for seed – a public-private partnership takes root in Kenya

Apr 11, 2018
Nearly every production manual for farmers begins with some version of the same statement: “for good production, make sure to

FoodSTART+ and SOLID build capacity of facilitators for Farmer Business Schools in Indonesia

Apr 6, 2018
The Food Resilience Through Root And Tuber Crops In Upland and Coastal Communities of The Asia-Pacific (FoodSTART+), and the Smallholder

Public-private partnerships and the sustainability of sweetpotato Early Generation Seed production

Mar 21, 2018
The third instalment in this blog series for by scientists from the International Potato Center (CIP) and the CGIAR Research Program on Roots,

Using gender research to increase the adoption of agricultural technology

Mar 15, 2018
Vivian Polar, Gender, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tuber and Bananas, shares insights on

RTB and CIP scholarship for Peruvian students to attend World Potato Congress

Mar 14, 2018
The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) and the International Potato Center (CIP) are pleased to announce

Effective marketing strategies for sweetpotato seed

Mar 12, 2018
The second edition in this blog series for by scientists from the International Potato Center (CIP) and the CGIAR Research Program

Can the sweetpotato Early Generation Seed business attract private players?

Mar 9, 2018
This is the first in a series of blogs for by scientists from the International Potato Center (CIP) and

Building momentum for gender-responsive breeding

Mar 7, 2018
March 8 marks International Women’s Day, this year with the theme ‘Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s

Agricultural mechanization: how far do women farmers benefit?

Mar 6, 2018
Agricultural machinery saves both time and labor for small-scale farmers and is increasingly available in rural areas. However, women’s needs

World Bank book on Peruvian agriculture highlights native potato value chains

Mar 2, 2018
A book on Peruvian agriculture recently published by the World Bank highlights the dynamism of the sector and its impressive

CGIAR centres and research programs combine forces to reduce the damage of banana disease in Uganda

Feb 7, 2018
Bananas and plantains (Musa spp.) provide a major source of food and income for over 30 million people in Eastern and

The role of culture in banana seed systems in Uganda

Feb 1, 2018
In Uganda, bananas are considered more than just food or a source of income – they are entrenched in local meaning

Global cassava coalition calls for support for cassava transformation in Africa

Jan 29, 2018
Press release for immediate release Ahead of the international conference on cassava, the Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century

New network analysis approach to mitigate spread of potato disease

Dec 23, 2017
The spread of disease in potato seed systems is a major risk to production and livelihoods. As root and tuber

Taking agricultural innovations to scale: RTB scaling fund awards first grants

Dec 13, 2017
Researchers who develop new technologies often face challenges in translating them into adapted innovations that people and enterprises will use.

RTB Symposium at International Conference on Global Food Security to address the challenges of scaling agricultural innovations

Nov 28, 2017
Whereas private companies have successfully rolled out new technologies in less-developed countries, innovations developed by research centers to help smallholders

Bad news for Fusarium wilt: “Breeding Better Bananas” means business

Nov 23, 2017
Hi pests and diseases, it’s your nasty cousin Fusarium. I’ve got an update for you from banana fields and scientists’

RTB scientists at the forefront of developing technologies to help farmers cope with climate change

Nov 15, 2017
  As government representatives negotiate ways to strengthen the international response to global warming at the United Nations Climate Change

Sweetpotato puree makes nutritious, inexpensive bread while creating a new market for farmers

Oct 31, 2017
  By Michael Friedmann, RTB Science Officer At the Organi Ltd factory, in Western Province, Kenya, a grinder was churning

Six steps to speed up climate-smart breeding in roots, tubers and bananas

Nov 11, 2017
Research centers and their partners have made good progress toward harnessing the potential of roots, tubers and bananas to improve

Understanding gender norms to improve the effectiveness of interventions

Oct 25, 2017
By Anne Rietveld, Bioversity International scientist and RTB gender focal point It was April 2014, and we’d reserved two vans

A surprising focus on roots, tubers and bananas at the Sugarcane Research Institute of Tanzania

Oct 16, 2017
By Graham Thiele, Director, CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) Judging by the name, the Sugarcane Research

New tools improve smallholder access to quality planting material

Oct 16, 2017
From the RTB 2016 Annual Report Because root, tuber and banana crops are propagated clonally—by planting tubers, suckers, stalks, or

New app diagnoses crop diseases in the field and alerts rural farmers

Sep 28, 2017
PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 28 September, 2017 The team behind a new mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to

Technology is not gender neutral

Oct 15, 2017
New research examines the factors that influence the adoption of agricultural technology by men and women. Closing gender gaps in

Researchers stumped by plants with multiple chromosomes plan new collaboration

Sep 26, 2017
Some of the world’s most beloved plants — coffee, bananas, potatoes, and roses, to name a few — could be

Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, visits CIP’s Headquarters

Sep 20, 2017
The International Potato Center, the lead center of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB), was honored

Revolutionary mobile app for monitoring crop pests and diseases

Sep 19, 2017
Just as the late blight epidemic wiped out potato fields in Ireland in the 19th century, crop pests and diseases

Breeding biofortified potatoes to relieve micronutrient malnutrition

Sep 14, 2017
Scientists from the International Potato Center (CIP) are developing potatoes with high micronutrient content as part of a broader effort

Farmer field trials as ‘musical’ hubs for knowledge exchange and cooperation

Aug 28, 2017
Blog contributed by Bela Teeken, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA). One of the propositions of my

RTB 2016 Annual Report: Research for Innovation and Impact

Aug 21, 2017
We are pleased to share the 2016 Annual Report from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas, entitled

The passing of Dr. Gelia T. Castillo, social scientist and first woman to join CIP Board of Trustees

Aug 9, 2017
It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Dr. Gelia T. Castillo on Saturday

Skilled youth hold the key to the future of farming

Jul 14, 2017
Youth unemployment is a critical issue, with an estimated 73.4 million young people unemployed globally in 2015, according to a

New website and webinar: CGIAR Gender and Breeding Initiative

Jul 13, 2017
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the CGIAR Gender and Breeding Initiative. The Initiative

Engaging youth in agriculture: A strategy for RTB

Jul 12, 2017
“In many developing countries, the labor market has left a high proportion of young people out of employment and unable

Innovation Platforms: When, how and in what form?

Jun 26, 2017
Innovation Platforms are fast becoming part of the mantra of agricultural research for development projects and programmes, and are increasingly

Improving nutrition, incomes and employment through post-harvest innovations

Jun 22, 2017
“Post-harvest innovations can make important contributions to addressing the global challenge of malnutrition,” begins Busie Maziya-Dixon, leader of RTB’s cluster

New CGIAR Initiative to make plant and animal breeding more gender responsive

Jun 12, 2017
The CGIAR Gender and Breeding Initiative brings together plant and animal breeders and social scientists to develop a strategy for

FoodSTART+ brings together partners for progress review & planning

May 29, 2017
Partners and stakeholders from the different country sites of Food Resilience Through Root and Tuber Crops in Upland and Coastal

Enhancing the genetic resources of roots, tubers & bananas

May 22, 2017
Flagship Project 1 (FP1) ‘Enhanced genetic resources‘, will make use of plant biology, structural and quantitative genetics – or the

Improved crop varieties & quality seed boost yields & income for smallholders

May 19, 2017
The dual focus of Flagship Project 2 (FP2) includes using innovative methods to develop varieties of roots, tubers and bananas

Increasing the resilience of roots, tubers & bananas

May 18, 2017
Given its focus on the resilience of root, tuber and banana crops, Flagship Project 3 (FP3) aims to incorporate environmental,

Nutritious foods and added value for health and wealth

May 17, 2017
“It starts with the person who wants to eat affordable, safe, nutritious food,” says Simon Heck, the Mozambique-based sweetpotato project

Improving livelihoods at scale

May 16, 2017
This is the first in a series of blogs showcasing the new Flagship Projects of the CGIAR Research Program on

RTB launches second phase and enhanced partnership with Wageningen University & Research

May 15, 2017
Wageningen University and Research (WUR) hosted a seminar and launch event on 11 May at its campus in the Netherlands

New manuals show how to extend shelf-life of cassava roots to increase incomes & food security

Apr 24, 2017
Cassava is a key source of food and income in many developing countries in Africa. In sub-Saharan Africa, it is

Spotlight on scaling agricultural technologies

Apr 19, 2017
The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) has ambitious targets to improve the lives of millions of

The nuts and bolts of collaborative research on roots, tubers and bananas: RTB Annual Meeting

Apr 18, 2017
As the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) kicks off Phase II, the team came together in

Expanding the horizons of biodiversity for sustainable food futures

Apr 7, 2017
The biodiversity of domesticated biota and food-supplying ecosystems holds unparalleled importance for breeding and crop and livestock improvement. This importance

Economically sustainable seed businesses to transform cassava production in Nigeria

Apr 4, 2017
Seed sector professionals have said that businesses selling improved varieties and high quality cassava stems for cultivation could help African

‘Carrier women’ shoulder a heavy burden in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mar 8, 2017
Cassava is an RTB crop of key importance in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is often processed into flour

Accelerating Africa’s economic growth through root and tuber crops

Mar 8, 2017
The 13th International Symposium for the International Society for Tropical Root Crops- Africa Branch (ISTRC-AB) has kicked off this week

RTB-ENDURE banana project offers solutions for postharvest losses

Feb 28, 2017
Researchers collaborating under the ‘Expanding utilization of roots, tubers and bananas and reducing their postharvest losses’ (RTB-ENDURE) banana sub-project have

How you can help to improve banana research priority setting

Feb 7, 2017
Research resources are scarce and making research portfolio decisions is complex and challenging. As part of a multi-crop priority assessment

Strategic Assessment of Banana Research Priorities – New trilingual website and call for stakeholder feedback

Jan 24, 2017
As part of a multi-crop priority assessment exercise coordinated by the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB),

Better businesses and lives through post-harvest innovation in roots, tubers and bananas in Uganda

Dec 15, 2016
Key stakeholders implementing an innovative project on expanding utilization of roots, tubers and bananas and reducing their postharvest losses (RTB-ENDURE)

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning: Empowering Interoperability with Multi-Institutions M&E

Dec 9, 2016
Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning: Empowering Interoperability with Multi-Institutions M&E Taking on the challenge of Learning to improve Monitoring & Evaluation

What can CGIAR’s new research programs learn from systems approaches?

Nov 29, 2016
Graham Thiele, RTB Program Director, shares his insights and reflections from the Systems Research Maketplace event, which took place earlier

Uganda President Museveni officiates at Bioversity International Banana Farmers Day

Nov 17, 2016
Story by Joshua Turyatemba for Bioversity International Banana is one of the most important sources of food and income in

Gender analysis provides new insights into CIP’s work with indigenous farmers in the Andes

Nov 3, 2016
  An important component of CIP’s research for development has been to help smallholder farmers gain access to new, more

RTB partners, CIP and IITA, awarded prize for efforts in improving food and nutrition security

Oct 28, 2016
Two partner centers of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB), the International Potato Center (CIP) and

Early Generation Sweetpotato Seed Production: Can public sector and national agricultural research institutes shift to a business orientation?

Oct 28, 2016
In this blog Margaret McEwan, Senior Project Manager with the International Potato Center (CIP), shares her insights and reflections from

Nigeria’s gari revolution: improving efficiency and equity of a staple food

Oct 20, 2016
Gari is a staple food for millions of West Africans, particularly in Nigeria where its production exceeds 9 million tons

Nutritious orange-fleshed sweetpotato snack can reduce waste, increase incomes

Oct 19, 2016
The 10th Triennial African Potato Association Conference (October 9 – 13, 2016) brought together over 200 researchers, development practitioners, policy

Recognizing the work of RTB’s gender researchers

Oct 17, 2016
Two gender researchers from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas, Drs. Bhawana Upadhyay and Nozomi Kawarazuka, have

CGIAR announces approval of next phase of Research Programs

Sep 28, 2016
CGIAR has announced today in a press release the approval of a new, targeted research portfolio to boost poor farmer

RTB Impact Assessment team take stock of progress and plan for Phase II

Sep 26, 2016
Assessing the impact of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas’ (RTB) research and development initiatives is a

What the success of orange-fleshed sweetpotato can teach us

Sep 22, 2016
By Graham Thiele, Program Director, CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas This has been a big year for

Improving cassava processing: less energy, higher efficiency and more stable prices

Sep 19, 2016
From the RTB 2015 Annual Report Much of the cassava grown in developing countries is processed to produce starch or flour

Improved potato variety ‘Qingshu 9’ a success story in China and beyond

Sep 12, 2016
From the RTB 2015 Annual Report In their efforts to improve the food security and livelihoods of farmers around the world,

Storage solutions: improving access to profitable markets for Uganda’s potato farmers and traders

Sep 8, 2016
Many of Uganda’s potato farmers and traders have limited access to storage facilities and technology which can extend the shelf

Root, tuber and banana breeding in Africa shows wide-scale adoption of improved varieties

Aug 24, 2016
Crop breeding and the dissemination of improved varieties has been a cornerstone of research for development in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

Sweetpotato Discovery: How staff are collaborating to create health for pigs and wealth for farmers in Uganda

Aug 16, 2016
This is the latest in our series of in-depth blogs investigating the ways in which the RTB-ENDURE project is strengthening the

Vine Value: Developing a business case for sweetpotato silage for pigs

Aug 9, 2016
This is the latest in our series of in-depth blogs investigating the ways in which the RTB-ENDURE project is strengthening the

Sweetpotato: for happy, healthy pigs

Aug 3, 2016
This series of in-depth blogs investigates the ways in which the RTB-ENDURE project is strengthening the value chains for root,

Listening to what women don’t say

Jul 27, 2016
The field work mentioned in this blog was part of the IITA led Cassava Monitoring Survey project, funded by institutions

Understanding gender roles in Uganda’s potato and cooking banana value chains

Jul 25, 2016
In Uganda, gender roles in production, processing and marketing of root, tuber and banana crops are complex. Key decisions on

RTB and PIM research featured at CGIAR gender research training with Penn State

Jul 22, 2016
Research and lessons learned from a collaboration between the CGIAR Research Programs on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB), and Policies,

Creating change with cassava: Improving livelihoods of cassava farmers and traders in Uganda

Jul 11, 2016
We continue our series of in-depth blogs investigating the ways in which the RTB-ENDURE project is strengthening the value chains for

Competition calls for innovative packaging of cassava stems to increase sales

Jul 8, 2016
A new competition is calling for innovative packaging designs to sell bundles of high quality cassava stems in Nigeria. The

RTB 2015 Annual Report: Consolidating innovations and tracking our progress

Jul 7, 2016
We are pleased to share the 2015 Annual Report from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas entitled ‘Consolidating

CIP sweetpotato scientists awarded the prestigious World Food Prize

Jun 30, 2016
Sweetpotato scientists from the International Potato Center (CIP), the lead center of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and

Going global: How one woman in Uganda is taking cooking banana to the international market

Jun 21, 2016
This is the third installment in a series of in-depth blogs investigating the ways in which the RTB-ENDURE project is

Building blocks of life: The role of planting material in the cooking banana value chain in Uganda

Jun 14, 2016
This is the second installment in a series of in-depth blogs investigating the ways in which the RTB-ENDURE project is

Understanding potato seed degeneration to increase yields in Ecuador

Jun 10, 2016
The resilience of potato production systems in Andean countries heavily depends on seed quality. Under local conditions in Ecuador, the

Transforming the value chain – one cooking banana at a time

Jun 7, 2016
This is the first installment in a series of in-depth blogs investigating the ways in which the RTB-ENDURE project is

Leave no one behind: Reflections on RTB’s participations at GCARD3

May 3, 2016
Sara Quinn, Regional Communications Specialist, International Potato Center What does it mean to ‘leave no one behind’ in the world

Banana research in Africa: modern breeding techniques, regulatory and biosafety issues

Apr 27, 2016
Registration is now open for an advanced course ‘Banana research in Africa: modern breeding techniques, regulatory and biosafety issues‘ from 19 –

New project to build commercially sustainable cassava seed system in Nigeria

Apr 22, 2016
A four-year project (2015 – 2019) to develop a commercially sustainable cassava seed value chain in Nigeria, was officially launched

Gender, breeding and genomics workshop – Open call for case studies

Apr 20, 2016
You are invited to submit an abstract for a case study of plant or animal breeding that has successfully incorporated

Linkages between staple crops research and poverty outcomes

Apr 11, 2016
The Independent Science and Partnership Council’s (ISPC) Science Forum 2016 from 12 – 14 April in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will

Adding value and reducing postharvest losses in Uganda’s cooking banana value chain

Apr 10, 2016
Cooking banana is the main staple crop in Uganda produced mostly by smallholders for food and income. However, the cooking

Making use of sweetpotato vines as silage

Apr 6, 2016
When James Francis Ojakol enrolled for a Master degree in animal science at Makerere University, he had no idea how

Reinforcing the gender lens in research on value chains and technology adoption

Mar 31, 2016
The following post by André Devaux, Claudia Babini, Diego Naziri, Caitlin Kieran, and Evgeniya Anisimova was originally published on the CGIAR Research

GREAT Webinar: Equipping agricultural researchers to conduct gender responsive research for inclusive and effective agricultural systems

Mar 30, 2016
A series of courses by the GREAT project tailored to specific disciplines and value chains, provide agricultural researchers from sub-Saharan

What drives consumers to purchase biofortified Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato?

Mar 4, 2016
Chinonso Etumnu, Department of Economics, University of San Francisco, examines whether intra-household bargaining power and health information influence consumer acceptance of Orange-Fleshed Sweet

Agroecological approaches to promote innovative banana production systems

Feb 19, 2016
Registration is now open to attend the X International Symposium on Banana / ISHS-ProMusa Symposium, which will be held from

Six steps forward for root and tuber crops

Feb 16, 2016
Graham Thiele, Program Director, CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) shares his top six highlights from the

New technologies make cassava processing more efficient and sustainable

Feb 10, 2016
As the global cassava industry continues to grow, new processing technologies are helping factories to reduce energy losses. The farming

Hatunpa restaurant revitalizing the native potato in Arequipa

Feb 1, 2016
Blog by Graham Thiele, RTB Program Director At the beginning of January I visited the Hatunpa restaurant just round the

CIP Leads Initiative to Understand how Climate Change Affects Pests

Jan 22, 2016
  Weather station with farmers and project team members from RAB and CIP The Paris Agreement of December 2015 heralds

Assessing the impact of Cooperation-88 potatoes in China

Jan 14, 2016
Potatoes came to China in the early 1600s but were not a major crop until the 1980s. By 1993, China

Queen’s Anniversary Prize for ground-breaking work on cassava awarded to RTB partner, NRI

Jan 11, 2016
World-leading research and development on cassava by the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich (NRI) has been honored

A year in review: Highlights from the RTB Annual Meeting 2015

Dec 16, 2015
The Annual Review and Planning Meeting of the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) took place last

What’s in your noodle soup?

Dec 15, 2015
You may never have heard of it before. A globetrotting crop by all accounts, it’s thought to have been introduced into

Advancements in cassava processing for SE Asia highlighted at public, private-sector meeting

Dec 14, 2015
A cassava-processing workshop held in Bangkok from 2 – 4 December 2015 brought together researchers, and representatives of the private

Potato and Sweetpotato in Africa: Transforming the Value Chains for Food and Nutrition Security

Dec 12, 2015
Potato and sweetpotato are two important crops in the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas portfolio and of

Farmer-Friendly Method Controls Banana Xanthomonas Wilt Disease

Dec 7, 2015
Bioversity International, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and the Institutional Learning and Change (ILAC) Initiative under the umbrella

Mass Screening of Sweetpotato Germplasm Shows Promise for Climate-Resilient Varieties

Dec 7, 2015
Scientists in the International Potato Center’s (CIP) Global Program for Genetic Resources undertook a mass field screening of 1,973 sweetpotato

ISHS/ProMusa Banana Symposium to be held in Montpellier, France

Dec 4, 2015
The X International Symposium on Banana / ISHS-ProMusa symposium, Agroecological approaches to promote innovative banana production systems, will be held

New project to develop cassava seed businesses will enhance quality seed access, increase productivity and generate income in Nigeria

Nov 23, 2015
We are pleased and proud to announce the signing of a new project entitled ‘Building an Economically Sustainable, Integrated Seed

Enabling gender equality in agricultural and environmental innovation

Nov 18, 2015
Through the global study ‘GENNOVATE: Enabling gender equality in agricultural and environmental innovation’, roughly 6,000 rural study participants of different

Roots, tubers and banana plants: Next-generation pig feeds for Uganda

Nov 9, 2015
The demand for animal source foods in Uganda is rising as the country’s population continues to grow alongside improved income

New evidence supports integrated seed health strategy as best option for raising potato yields

Nov 2, 2015
Potato is the third most important food crop globally and over half of all production occurs in developing countries. However,

New potato storage facilities help Ugandan farmers increase incomes

Oct 27, 2015
Potato is a critical source of income and food security in Uganda. However due to constraints, including the high perishability

Making Women Visible in Agriculture: New issue of AgriGender

Oct 15, 2015
To coincide with the International Day of Rural Women, the Journal of Gender, Agriculture and Food Security has released its

Technical innovations for small-scale producers and households to process wet cassava peels into high quality animal feed ingredients and aflasafe™ substrate

Sep 30, 2015
Nigeria, the world’s largest producer of cassava, harvests 54 million metric tonnes (Mt) of cassava tubers annually. More than 95%

The First World Congress on Root and Tuber Crops will be held in January 2016 in China

Sep 25, 2015
The Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century (GCP21) and the International Society for Tropical Root Crops (ISTRC) join forces

RTB and PIM collaborate to make value chain work gender responsive

Sep 24, 2015
With the aim of making postharvest work more inclusive, effective and equitable, RTB teamed up with the CGIAR Research Program

First Independent Steering Committee gathered in Lima to review progress of RTB program

Sep 16, 2015
A report by Graham Thiele, RTB Director RTB is delighted to have held the first face to face meeting of

Benchmark for mechanized cassava processing

Sep 9, 2015
A photo report about the visit to Niji Lukas Group, Ilero, Oyo State, Nigeria by Thierry Tran IITA, a participating

Clean planting material to combat Moko disease of plantains in Latin America

Sep 4, 2015
Moko bacterial wilt is the principal bacterial disease limiting plantain production in Latin America and the Caribbean, and it is

Opportunities for improvements in small scale gari processing in Nigeria

Aug 19, 2015
A photo report about the visit to the Ajegunle cassava processing site in Oyo town by Graham Thiele Processing cassava

Incorporating women’s needs and preferences into RTB breeding

Aug 6, 2015
There have been many cases in which improved crop varieties released by national agricultural research and extension systems (NARES) were

Strong new gender focus in revised manual on participatory varietal selection

Jul 23, 2015
Thanks to support from RTB, a CIP training manual on participatory varietal selection (PVS) has been improved by adding gender-sensitive

New website launched for the RTB-ENDURE project

Jul 7, 2015
In Sub-Saharan Africa, root, tuber and banana crops are characterized by high postharvest losses, short marketing channels and limited value adding

Yuca colombiana, modelo de interés para Uganda

Jun 12, 2015
Representantes del Instituto Internacional de Reconstrucción Rural (IIRR, por sus siglas en inglés) y los Laboratorios Nacionales de Investigación Agrícola

RTB published 2014 Annual Report

Jun 10, 2015
RTB presents its 2014 Annual Report – Envisioning Impact: Pathways to Action. The report documents important progress on an array

Scientists call for action to preserve potato wild relatives

Apr 29, 2015
Crop wild relatives are wild plant species that share a common ancestor with cultivated crops. They retain a level of

Towards an early warning system for late blight in East Africa

Apr 27, 2015
In 2012 young researcher Anne Njoroge started her work with the population structure of Phytophthora infestans in East African countries. 

Conservation of crop wild relatives of sweetpotato is key to crop improvement

Apr 21, 2015
Grown in more than 114 countries worldwide, sweetpotatoes are an important staple crop particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa and East and

First World Congress on Root and Tuber Crops will draw international crowd of scientists to Southern China

Apr 10, 2015
Hundreds of the world’s top experts on potato, cassava, sweetpotato, yam and other root crops will gather in the city

Exploring banana diversity with the enhanced Musa germplasm information system

Mar 26, 2015
The Musa Germplasm Information System (MGIS), the most extensive source of documentation on banana genetic resources, is now available on

Alliance reviews pilot control strategies for banana bunchy top disease in Africa

Mar 25, 2015
Members of the Alliance for Banana Bunchy Top Disease (BBTD) Control in Africa met at the International Institute of Tropical

Getting the big picture with results-based management and participatory planning

Mar 23, 2015
We all have a theory of change. Indeed, when we have a big goal to achieve, we think of what

Impact Network Analysis and Potato Seed Systems: The CONPAPA case in Ecuador

Feb 27, 2015
Potato Seed Systems are made up of multiple levels of interactions among seed producers, farmers, private companies, governmental and non-governmental

RTB-NextGen Cassava project organizes gender research workshop in Nigeria in preparation for Phase II

Feb 13, 2015
Partners in the NEXTGEN Cassava Project and the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) were in Ibadan,

The effectiveness of knowledge sharing: The case of ProMusa, a global knowledge platform on banana

Feb 12, 2015
ProMusa is a knowledge-sharing platform on bananas managed by Bioversity International through funding from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots,

Lukas Mueller: Ace of Bases

Jan 29, 2015
By Patricia Waldron Yam farmers in Africa may soon benefit from a large collection of genetic information contributed by local

Addressing postharvest losses in cassava value chains

Jan 15, 2015
Postharvest losses are an important challenge in developing countries, and the RTB Research Program has included the issue in its

RTB develops partnerships with US universities for gender research

Jan 7, 2015
Lisa Anderberg from Clark University will be the first graduate student to conduct gender analysis directly with a biological scientist

ILAC pilots transdisciplinary research on Banana Xanthomonas Wilt in DR Congo

Nov 23, 2014
The Institutional Learning and Change (ILAC) Initiative, in partnership with Bioversity International and with funds from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots,

KU Leuven PhD thesis highlights 3 “Bs”: Bananas, Belgium, and Brazil

Nov 6, 2014
Brazil’s Suzana Garcia recently defended her PhD thesis in Bioscience Engineering at KU Leuven University on the study of ABA-responsive

RTB annual planning and review meeting: Coming up as a team

Oct 31, 2014
CGIAR research programs all share the challenge of having team members from different backgrounds and centers working in many countries.

Gender Implications for Next Generation Breeding: Seminar by Graham Thiele at Cornell University

Oct 29, 2014
Graham Thiele, RTB Director, visited Cornell University in October at the invitation of Hale Tufan, Project Manager for the NEXTGEN

Including women’s preferences to enhance cassava breeding programs – conversing with Bill Gates

Oct 15, 2014
Graduate student Paula Iragaba uncovered a major disconnect in the course of her research: While plant breeders in her native

Fera visit: throwing light on LAMP

Oct 8, 2014
 By Graham Thiele, RTB Director  The Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) is the primary provider of plant health advice

Bioinformatics alliance with Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research to boost yields in roots, tubers and bananas

Oct 7, 2014
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research (BTI) is partnering with CGIAR  and its associate centers to create a shared database and bioinformatics platform

Partnerships and prompt response, key to prevent the spread of banana Fusarium wilt (‘Panama disease’)

Sep 12, 2014
In the first part of the 20th century, Fusarium Wilt Race 1 (popularly known as ‘Panama disease’) wiped out the

CGIAR, RTB recognized by Computerworld for innovative use of big data analytics

Sep 9, 2014
RTBMaps – an online mapping resource from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) – was selected

Unravelling the banana’s genomic potential: ISHS/ProMusa held symposium in Brisbane, Australia

Aug 29, 2014
The International Society for Horticultural sciences (ISHS)/ProMusa symposium entitled “Unravelling the banana’s genomic potential”, was held from 18-20 August 2014

Lima meetings gather RTB members with new Program Advisory Committee

Aug 18, 2014
RTB’s new Program Advisory Committee (PAC) met in person for the first time last week in Lima, Peru, where the

RTB GIS initiative promotes open data

Jul 21, 2014
By Glenn Hyman – International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) Far too often our research and development activities remain hidden in

RTB published 2013 Annual Report

Jul 16, 2014
RTB proudly presents its 2013 Annual Report, Expanding Collaboration, Catalyzing Innovation. The report shows how the CGIAR Research Program grew

Forging the impact pathway to better potato harvests in Africa

Jul 14, 2014
A common goal of RTB and the International Potato Center (CIP) is to increase potato productivity by improving farmer access

Cocoyam’s potential for nutrition and income still to be tapped

Jun 26, 2014
Cocoyam, a generic term for both Xanthosoma and Colocasia, is a traditional staple root crop in many developing countries in

Controlling Banana Xanthomonas Wilt with the single diseased stem removal technique

Jun 25, 2014
The bacterial disease Banana Xanthomonas wilt (better known as BXW) has caused significant losses in banana production in East and

International meeting results in Pan-African cassava disease network

Jun 25, 2014
Scientists from international agricultural research centers and African national and regional institutions met in Saint-Pierre, La Réunion from June 10

New online tool allows exchange of knowledge on plant gene families

Jun 24, 2014
GreenPhylDB is a comparative genomics platform which has been developed since 2006 by Bioversity International with support from CIRAD and

International experts gather to address diseases threatening Africa’s cassava production

Jun 9, 2014
Cassava is the second most important staple in Africa and is regularly consumed by more than 700 million people around

Strengthening NRI collaboration with the CGIAR Research Programme on Roots, Tubers and Bananas

May 22, 2014
The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) of the University of Greenwich recently organised and hosted a Review and Planning Workshop for

Looking Ahead: RTB Extension Request for 2015-2016

May 16, 2014
The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) started in 2012 as a cross-center and cross-cutting initiative, with

‘Bellagio Roadmap’ to fight cassava viruses now published

May 5, 2014
The Food Security Journal has just published the Bellagio Conference Roadmap, an action plan developed last year for fighting the

Publication du plan d’action pour combattre les maladies du manioc

May 5, 2014
Le Food Security Journal vient de publier la feuille de route de la Conférence de Bellagio contre les maladies du

RTB Program Advisory Committee gets underway

Apr 7, 2014
RTB can now count on its Program Advisory Committee (PAC) to help optimize the impact of its research for development.

Surveying experts in India and Tanzania to fill seed degeneration knowledge gaps

Apr 2, 2014
Sara Thomas-Sharma, a post-doctoral researcher at Kansas State University, was hired in 2013 to work on an RTB project to

RTB researchers examine how to make value chains more gender equitable

Mar 27, 2014
Fifteen researchers from four RTB centers (Bioversity, CIAT, CIP and IITA) have gathered in Entebbe, Uganda this week to share

Université KU Leuven : la Belgique et les bananes dans le RTB

Mar 12, 2014
Rony Swennen, professeur à l’université belge KU Leuven, a rejoint l’équipe du RTB l’année dernière. C’était pour lui une étape

From the University of Leuven: Belgium, Bananas and RTB

Feb 26, 2014
For Rony Swennen, professor at the Belgian university KU Leuven, joining RTB last year was the next logical step in

Simulated potato yield gaps in Sub-Saharan Africa exceed the best on-station trial yields

Feb 13, 2014
By CIP’s Production System and Environment Sub-Program – Yield gap analysis is an important tool to estimate to what extent

Mainstreaming Gender in RTB Research: An interview with Netsayi Mudege, RTB Gender Research Coordinator

Feb 10, 2014
Netsayi Noris Mudege, an anthropologist from Harare, Zimbabwe, has been the Gender Focal Point at the International Potato Center (CIP)

Study on consumer preference of processed cassava products planned for five African countries

Jan 29, 2014
By IITA– International researchers met in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to develop a strategy and agree on a joint methodology

Predicting climate change’s impact on crop pests and diseases

Jan 28, 2014
As researchers try to predict the potential threat that pests and diseases pose for RTB crops, and develop strategies to

RTB centers and partners prepare to battle Banana Bunchy Top Disease across Sub-Saharan Africa

Jan 20, 2014
Approximately 50 experts from 20 countries have gathered in Bujumbura, Burundi this week to coordinate an ambitious effort to contain

New RTB project to expand utilization of roots, tubers and bananas in Uganda

Jan 20, 2014
A project on expanding utilization and reducing postharvest losses in RTB crops is starting this month in Uganda. Supported by

Banana beverages hold potential for improving livelihoods in East Africa

Jan 17, 2014
Many people in East Africa are involved in the production and sale of banana-based beverages, but there is much to

International meeting launches initiative to control RTB bacterial diseases

Jan 17, 2014
Bacterial diseases that attack RTB crops pose serious threats to the food security and livelihoods of smallholders in many parts

RTB implementing pilot for Results-Based Management

Jan 16, 2014
By Dagmar Wittine, RTB Program Manager The CGIAR Consortium of International Agriculture Research Centers is actively promoting Results-Based Management (RBM),

Reaching out to Eastern and Central African partners at ASARECA conference

Dec 23, 2013
By Graham Thiele, RTB Director Attending the General Assembly and Scientific Conference of the Association for strengthening Agricultural Research in

Une nouvelle alliance vise à exploiter le potentiel du manioc pour lutter contre la faim et la pauvreté

Dec 19, 2013
Le Programme de recherche du CGIAR sur les racines, tubercules et bananes (RTB) et le Partenariat mondial pour le manioc

Bioinformatics key to using genetic and metabolite data for breeding

Dec 17, 2013
As scientists collaborate on a global effort to map RTB genes and metabolites and link that information to traits, they

Roots, Tubers and Bananas postharvest processing project gets started in Asia

Dec 16, 2013
Site selection is underway as the Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) Postharvest Processing project on adding value under the RTB

New banana disease to Africa found in Mozambique

Dec 13, 2013
A destructive strain of a banana wilt disease has been discovered on Cavendish bananas in Mozambique. The disease, widely known

New Alliance to Tap Cassava’s Potential for Reducing Hunger and Poverty

Dec 12, 2013
For Immediate Release (12 December 2013) The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) and the Global Cassava

Harnessing the power of the “omics” to improve RTB varieties

Dec 2, 2013
RTB researchers are collaborating with a growing network of scientists at institutions around the world in an ambitious effort to

RTB and Humidtropics create space for collaboration

Nov 27, 2013
RTB crops play an important role in the farm systems of smallholders in humid tropics agroecosystems, so it was just

Yams: Raising the profile of the “King of Crops”

Nov 21, 2013
Yam is a very important and popular RTB crop in West Africa, with 99% of the world production coming from

Accelerating learning and tackling bottlenecks through a conceptual framework for roots, tubers and bananas seed systems

Nov 14, 2013
One of RTB’s seven research themes is concerned with improving farmer access to low-cost, high-quality planting materials. A team of

Rethinking capacity development to enhance the impact of research

Nov 6, 2013
By Javier Ekboir (Bioversity/ILAC), Adiel Mbabu (CIP), Per Rudebjer (Bioversity), Simone Staiger-Rivas (CIAT)  – How can capacity development contribute to the process

Sweetpotato research advances celebrated in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana

Nov 5, 2013
Sweetpotato and yam bean researchers from the International Potato Center (CIP), and partners in Sub-Saharan Africa spent the first week

UK’s Natural Resource Institute: strength in depth for RTB research and development

Oct 28, 2013
By Graham Thiele I visited NRI offices and labs near to Chatham, England earlier this year. I began the day

More “matoke” in East Africa with planned regional testing of first-ever, high-yielding hybrids

Oct 25, 2013
Dar es Salaam – 25 October 2013. The production of the East Africa Highland banana, also known as cooking banana

Cassava as animal feed in Africa: taking advantage of expanding cultivation

Oct 24, 2013
Nigeria, the world’s top cassava producer, has launched a plan for cassava processing with the objective of strengthening the cassava

L’utilisation du manioc pour l’alimentation animale en Afrique: comment tirer profit d’une culture en expansion

Oct 23, 2013
Le Nigéria, premier producteur mondial de manioc, a lancé un Plan de transformation du manioc dont l’objectif est de renforcer

Gender capacity-strengthening underway in RTB

Oct 16, 2013
By VB Johnson, Bioversity International- FAO quotes that women constitute 43% of the global agricultural labour force and are responsible

“Au Burkina Faso, la patate douce fait sa promotion toute seule”

Sep 16, 2013
Koussao Some fait de la recherche sur la patate douce à l’Institut de l’environnement et de recherches agricoles (INERA) dans

In Burkina Faso, the sweetpotato practically promotes itself

Sep 16, 2013
Koussao Some is a sweetpotato breeder at the Institute of Environment and Agricultural Research (INERA) in Burkina Faso. He did

Social scientists and crop experts help assess RTB research priorities

Sep 9, 2013
The Strategic Assessment of research priorities for the main RTB crops – potatoes, sweetpotatoes, cassava, yams, and bananas and plantains

RTB partners on alert over the spread of Banana Bunchy Top Disease in West Africa

Aug 15, 2013
Banana Bunchy Top Disease (BBTD) of plantains and bananas is caused by a destructive virus which is very difficult to

Joint RTB-Kansas State University Seed Degeneration Project among BREAD Ideas Challenge Winners

Aug 12, 2013
In January 2013, researchers from RTB and Kansas State University (KSU) began work on developing computational models to support strategies

Cirad and CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) formalize global partnership

Aug 7, 2013
French Agricultural Research Centre Joins Global Alliance to Promote Roots, Tubers and Bananas for Food Security and Income Lima, Peru/Montpellier,

ILAC maps RTB research networks to guide innovation processes

Aug 6, 2013
To strengthen the effectiveness of RTB partnerships, the Institutional Learning and Change Initiative (ILAC) has analyzed the research program’s networks
RTB Annual Report 2012

RTB publishes first annual report

Jul 16, 2013
Teaming Up for Greater Impact is the title of the first RTB Annual Report, which documents the initial steps taken

Online mapping tool for analysis and planning receives international award

Jul 10, 2013
RTBMaps – a web-based GIS (Geographic Information Systems) tool to help planners visualize data and analyze options for using roots,

In Cameroon, a dynamic cassava value chain with weaknesses

Jun 27, 2013
By Dominique Dufour Cameroon has a long agricultural tradition: of its 20 million people, 8 million live in rural areas,

Au Cameroun, une filière manioc dynamique mais à valoriser

Jun 25, 2013
Le Cameroun possède une longue tradition agricole : sur les 20 millions d’habitants que compte le pays, 8 millions vivent en

Developing an RTB seed system framework

Jun 20, 2013
RTB seed systems are notoriously tricky because their vegetatively propagated seed is bulky and perishable. Getting improved varieties quicker to

“Game changing technologies” needed to fight cassava diseases

Jun 13, 2013
Alarming outbreaks of two devastating cassava diseases in Africa have prompted an alliance of experts to make an unprecedented international

Global Musa Expert Workshop: Production constraints, yield gaps, and research strategies for smallholder banana production

Jun 11, 2013
As part of the multi-crop priority assessment exercise coordinated by RTB, the Global Musa Expert Workshop took place in Kampala,

Learning About RTB Research and its Impact on Farmers in Uganda

Jun 10, 2013
By Graham Thiele, RTB Director Uganda is a hub location for RTB with all our crops and projects of all
Sweetpotato: priority setting… with you!

First Steps Completed for the Priority Assessment for Roots, Tubers and Bananas

May 28, 2013
Launched in June 2012, the Strategic Assessment of research priorities for RTB crops is now entering a new phase. After

Roots, Tubers and Bananas – Working on “Flagship Products” towards Intermediate Development Outcomes

May 16, 2013
Sophie Alvarez, a consultant at CIAT, had the opportunity to facilitate a meeting of representatives of the four RTB participating Centers
Mosaic and Brown Streak Disease in Cassava

Scientists alarmed by the rapid spread of brown streak disease in cassava, a crop that sustains 300 million Africans

May 6, 2013
World’s cassava experts to wage war against cassava viruses; Introduction into Nigeria, the largest cassava producer in the world, could

Banana Survey Results to be used to Select Research Options at Expert Uganda Workshop

Apr 5, 2013
Browse through the results and join the online discussion. The results of a survey of banana experts, conducted at the

RTB team and partners discuss postharvest activities

Mar 27, 2013
Partners’ inputs help kick-start the RTB work agenda on postharvest activities. Peeling plantains for the agroindustry, processing cassava with efficient

Knowledge Sharing and Friendship Span International Borders

Mar 25, 2013
Teresa Sánchez has trained many people in her lab, and she has gained a lot from it. While agricultural research

Studying a New Threat to the Potato Farmers of East Africa

Mar 13, 2013
A young researcher is studying a new lineage of Phytophthora infestans called KE-1 that is spreading rapidly across East Africa

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Mar 8, 2013
The RTB research program is celebrating new developments on gender As we are celebrating International Women’s Day today I am

New publications: Trainer’s manuals on banana tissue-culture plantlets

Mar 1, 2013
The RTB Research Program recently released its first publications, the result of an IITA-coordinated project. Two training manuals, one on

Setting New, Ambitious Objectives for the Global Cassava Partnership in Africa

Feb 27, 2013
Scientists from the Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century (GCP21) will meet this year to create a road map

Long-life cassava won’t work – but longer-life could be the answer

Feb 21, 2013
CIAT Cassava breeder Hernan Ceballos has called time on hopes of developing long-life cassava roots “In terms of roots that

Reaching Out To RTB Experts Around the World

Feb 13, 2013
More than 800 experts have already provided input into an ongoing assessment of research priorities for Roots, Tubers and Bananas

Priority setting for Roots, Tubers and Bananas: Add your voice in your own language

Feb 12, 2013
Get involved by filling out the crop survey that best matches your expertise Priority setting for Roots, Tubers and Bananas

A Focus on Planting Material to Help Small Holders Increase Harvests

Jan 31, 2013
An RTB project has recently got underway to identify the main causes of “seed degeneration” in roots, tubers and bananas,
Progress and Plans for Roots, Tubers and Bananas

Progress and Plans for Roots, Tubers and Bananas

Jan 25, 2013
RTB Update – January 2013 RTB Workshop in Montpellier In January of 2013, we are celebrating RTB’s first anniversary! We

Strengthening RTB through gender awareness

Jan 14, 2013
Interview with Gender Specialists Eva Rathgeber and Kayte Meola, two experts helping to implement a Gender Strategy for RTB RTB
Weaving gender into roots, tubers and bananas

Weaving gender into roots, tubers and bananas

Dec 14, 2012
25+ people – men and women in equal numbers – met in Montpellier around the RTB work program to discuss
GCARD2 and the “justly famous” RTB program

GCARD2 and the “justly famous” RTB program

Nov 4, 2012
RTB Director Graham Thiele’s blog on his participation at the GCARD2 Conference in Punta del Este, Uruguay (5 November 2012)
RTB Update - October 2012

RTB Update – October 2012

Oct 18, 2012
 A new blog update from Roots, Tuber and Bananas Program Director Graham Thiele after the team meetings in Nigeria. It

Interview with Dr. Rodomiro Ortiz

Oct 16, 2012
Dr. Ortiz was interviewed during the 16th symposium of the ISTRC at the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, Nigeria
‘Soft launch’ in Nigeria for Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB), a CGIAR Research Program

‘Soft launch’ in Nigeria for Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB), a CGIAR Research Program

Oct 10, 2012
More than 25 people involved in RTB-related programs and partner organizations gathered in Nigeria between 25 September and 3 October,

Improving livelihoods through Roots, Tubers and Bananas

Sep 25, 2012
The triennial ISTRC symposium in Abeokuta offers a unique platform for interaction among scientists from different backgrounds across the world

Six Steps for RTB Priority Setting

Sep 21, 2012
Find out about the six stage research process that ensures that the strategic definition of RTB priorities incorporates the views
Sweetpotato: priority setting … with you!

Sweetpotato: priority setting … with you!

Sep 6, 2012
Help us define priorities by filling out the Sweetpotato Research Survey for 2012. The CRP-RTB is assessing priorities to help

Building new synergies and setting a new course collaboratively with the Global Cassava Partnership

Aug 3, 2012
Best bets for cassava research: an agenda for priority setting” Social scientists from IITA, Bioversity, CIAT, and CIP who worked
The road to sequencing the banana genome

The road to sequencing the banana genome

Aug 3, 2012
If ever a crop needed help from genomics research, it is the difficult-to-breed-and-to-study-using-classical-genetics banana.” foto by: Hannele Luhtasela-El Showk By
Why roots, tubers, and bananas? Getting the picture in the Kampala market...

Why roots, tubers, and bananas? Getting the picture in the Kampala market…

Jul 10, 2012
When you tell people you are working on a program called Roots, Tubers, and Bananas, the typical reaction is laughter,
RTB Update - July 2012

RTB Update – July 2012

Jul 5, 2012
 This is the first Blog Update from Roots, Tuber and Bananas Program Director Graham Thiele. I am beginning a regular

Realizing the potential of Africa’s vegetative crops – Contribution by Rodomiro Ortiz, PhD

Jun 3, 2012
In a short article in Plant Breeding News, the electronic newsletter of applied plant breeding, Rodomiro Ortiz points out that
Interview with Graham Thiele RTB-CRP leader

Interview with Graham Thiele RTB-CRP leader

Apr 27, 2012
January 1, 2012 marked the official launch of the newest CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers, and Bananas (RTB). Graham

Best bets for banana research: Priority Setting to increase development impact

Jan 31, 2012
Which problems should we solve first and which solutions should we focus on to ensure highest impact on food security,