Sharing experiences and developing collaboration to integrate gender in breeding programs

RTB as leader of the Gender and Breeding initiative has been interacting with the Excellence in Breeding Platform EiB to promote a formal integration of gender into product profile development processes. Currently, there are some tools available from the Gender and Breeding Initiative that will be piloted with some breeding programs. On the other hand, many breeding programs are also … Read More

Innovation in Gender Responsive Breeding Workshop

Widespread adoption and impact of new crop varieties and animal breeds on resource-poor farms depends on the tangible benefits these provide for the women and men involved in their production, consumption and marketing. For breeders to meet users’ needs, they need to understand the priorities that women and men assign to genetically determined traits. Many CGIAR breeding programs understand that if … Read More

Gender, Breeding and Genomics Workshop

The goal of the workshop was to increase the relevance and benefits of plant and animal breeding to poor rural women producers in low-income countries, especially Africa. To this end, the workshop was designed to produce a synthesis of past success and promising novel approaches for incorporating gender considerations into the development of improved crop varieties and animal breeds. The workshop aimed to … Read More