About FoodSTART+

Technical Advisory Pool

Part of the formulation of the FoodSTART+ project calls for the identification of a number of individuals who can provide specialist technical advice and inputs in priority areas, including food security, vulnerability and resilience issues, root and tuber crops, value chains, the Asian rural development context, gender and climate change. The idea derived from positive experience in the FoodSTART first phase in which specialist inputs, especially in the areas of root and tuber crops, value chains and GIS, supplemented the skills of the FoodSTART team and strengthened the quality of outputs and outcomes.

Specialists with experience in research and development fields of central importance for FoodSTART+, will be identified and engaged as Project Affiliated Experts (PAE). In order to ensure familiarity with FoodSTART+ approach and partners, harmonized methodologies, and upon satisfactory performance of the first assignment, the PAE will enter in a roster of experts, named Technical Advisory Pool (TAP), to which to refer for future similar assignments.

Presently the following PAE are included in the TAP:

Dr. Gordon Prain

PhD Anthropology
Former Leader of Social and Health Sciences Global Program, International Potato Center (CIP )

Dr. Julieta Roa

PhD Social Sciences
Value chains, roots and tuber crops, policy issues

Dr. Julian Gonsalves

PhD International Sustainable Agriculture
Climate change, climate-smart agriculture, schools, nutrition

Dr. M. Anantharaman

PhD Agriculture
Value chains, market analysis, roots and tuber crops. Former Head, Extension and Social Sciences, CTCRI, Kerala

Dr. Christopher Wheatley

PhD Horticulture
Value chains, marketing, project design

Dr. Nozomi Kawarazuka

PhD International Development
Gender and nutrition

Dr. Gerry O'Brien

PhD Food Science
Food safety, nutrition