Global Musa Expert Workshop: Production constraints, yield gaps, and research strategies for smallholder banana production

As part of the multi-crop priority assessment exercise coordinated by RTB, the Global Musa Expert Workshop took place in Kampala, Uganda, last April. Here are the major outcomes of the meeting, which was co-hosted by NARO, IITA, Bioversity and CIAT.

  •  A quantitative estimates of average farmer yield and yield variability for the five major cultivar groups in different production systems and major factors causing this variability were identified.
  • A list of priority research options – in line with the results of the global expert survey – was developed and agreed upon by the group.
  • Preliminary quantitative parameter estimates describing the impact of the selected research options were provided by working groups.

Since the number of workshop participants was limited, a real time e-forum available in three languages was organized through ProMusa and the regional banana networks in parallel to the meeting to facilitate the engagement of a wider group of experts and other stakeholders of the global banana community in the assessment. The e-Forum page, including the results of the expert survey, received a large number of visits especially during the workshop days. The meeting and the subsequent 3-day field trip also provided excellent networking opportunities for RTB members and partners. Read more

Diemuth Pemsl