Scientific review and planning workshop for seed degeneration (5-8 February 2013, Arusha, Tanzania)

The purpose is to develop tools that will allow more accurate estimation of the damage caused by degenerative diseases and the effectiveness and feasibility of solutions (for priority setting). Additionally, this activity will produce knowledge needed to develop effective tools (guidelines or DSS) for farmers and commercial seed producers for reducing losses through reversing or reducing the rate of degeneration.These activities will greatly enhance productivity of RTBs in developing countries since degenerative diseases are among the most economically important production constraints.

Project: Developing tools for describing, quantifying and managing diseases causing degeneration of planting material in RTB

Summary of the project

This project aims to develop practical solutions to the problem of degeneration of planting material. The outputs of the research will be a (suite of) simple model(s) that will predict degeneration (and eventually pathogen virulence) under scenarios applicable to RTB farmers and producers of clean planting material. These models will be simplified into decision support systems (DSS) that are appropriate for different end-users. This research also aims to identify the viral pathogens that cause degeneration in RTBs as these are often the most elusive amongst the pathogens causing degeneration and the extent of their contribution to degeneration remains unknown. In the particular case of viruses we will take advantage of the currently ongoing effort to map the pan-African sweetpotato virome using next-gen sequencing technology to include all other RTBs in the survey and thus map the viruses present in RTBs throughout Africa with selective sampling in Asia and Latin America for better understanding of the approach. A planning workshop is anticipated during the initial months that will have as it aim the development of a more detailed project plan including a logical framework.



Name Institution Country
Alvarez, Elizabeth CIAT Colombia
Andrade-Piedra Jorge CIP-Ecuador Ecuador
Beed, Fen IITA Benin
Carvajal, Monica IITA Colombia
Coyne, Danny IITA Tanzania
Cuellar, Wilmer CIAT Colombia
Dita, Miguel Bioversity Costa Rica
Garrett, Karen OSU USA
Greg, Forbes CIP-China China
Kreuze, Jan CIP-HQ Peru
Kromann, Peter CIP-Ecuador Ecuador
Kumar, Lava IITA Nigeria
Legg, James IITA Tanzania
Schulte-Geldermann CIP-SSA Kenya
Sue Canney Facilitator Kenya
Staver, Charles Bioversity France
Pascale Lepoint Bioversity France