Theme 7. Enhancing impact through partnerships

RTB strongly believes in the potential of formal and informal partnerships to mobilize complementary expertise and ensure that impacts are achieved in a cost-effective manner. To fully exploit this potential, the process of partnership building and management needs to be an integral part of program planning, drawing on a range of tools and experiences for “good partnering”.

The objective of this cross-cutting theme is to increase the potential of the program to achieve positive outcomes and impacts on vulnerable groups by setting priorities for RTB R4D, capturing users’ needs and perspectives, engaging the right partners, building capacity, and promoting continuous learning.

RTB will use the partnership learning cycle, illustrated in the figure below, as the “conceptual glue” that keeps the Research Program on track. Five product portfolio areas are linked in a virtuous circle, with each positively informing and strengthening the next, recognizing also that there may be positive overlaps between them.


The following chart demonstrates impact pathways for each of the product portfolio areas: