Gender matters in cassava technological innovation: lessons from GENNOVATE Vietnam

Cassava has experienced major growth as a boom commodity in Vietnam, being produced on an industrial scale to meet a growing national and global demand for starch, animal feed and biofuel. Responding to this demand, research has typically focused on technologies such as high-yielding varieties, better fertilization, integrated pest management, new intercropping options and more efficient processing equipment. However, the … Read More

Gender-responsive research training strengthens RTB’s work in Africa

To develop and scale out effective new technologies and approaches, RTB researchers need to address the needs and preferences of end users—men and women, young and old. RTB has striven to integrate gender into targeted research areas, particularly breeding, seed systems, and pest and disease management. This effort received recognition in 2016, when three RTB gender researchers served as mentors … Read More

Assessment reveals that most cassava grown in Vietnam has a CIAT pedigree

Cassava is the third most important export crop in Vietnam, and CIAT has had a major impact on the country’s cassava production through nearly three decades of collaboration with Vietnam’s national agricultural research systems. An innovative study of cassava diversity in farmer fields in 2016 that combined standard crop adoption survey methods with DNA fingerprinting revealed that the vast majority … Read More