Adapting remote-sensing data for an array of applications in agriculture

CIP scientists made progress in 2016 on forecasting tuber yields in potato over large areas by linking modeling and remote-sensing data. Using satellite images of a potato-farming area in the US state of Idaho, researchers parameterized physiological and crop growth models that were then used to forecast yield. According to Roberto Quiroz, leader of CIP’s Crops and Systems Sciences Division, … Read More

Cross-crop research produces tools for improving smallholder access to quality planting material

Because RTB crops are propagated clonally—by planting tubers, suckers, stalks, or vine cuttings—they present common challenges for farmers that include low multiplication rates, perishable planting material and low yield as a result of seed degeneration. Government agencies and non-government organizations (NGOs) have developed seed systems to disseminate improved varieties and high-quality planting material (commonly referred to as ‘seed’), but only … Read More